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The History of Sandbridge Community Chapel

In the beginning, there was sand. God looked down, saw a need and said, “Let there be light and my Word in the Sandbridge Beach Community: In 1967 a site was purchased and in 1968, under faithful direction of Howard Belanga, construction was started on the Chapel. Many came to the Chapel during its summer ministry, which started in 1969, and the Norfolk District saw that there was a real need for a full time church when they surveyed the area in the spring of 1982...
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  Vanguard College Prep is a high school in Waco, Texas known for its high academic standards. Thanks to a story picked up by CBS’s “On the Road,” they are now known for outstanding sportsmanship. It began when they were scheduled to play a team from Gainesville, Texas. That team happened to be composed of players who are confined in a teenage correctional institution. Whenever the team from Gainesville played, they obviously did not take a student cheering section with them. Sometimes a few parents went along, but they usually were prevented by money problems from accompanying their children. So
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