When I went to Dallas for a seminar the other week, I took the time to go down to Waco and re-visit Baylor University. I got my Ph.D. from Baylor in the late 1980s and I had not been back since that time. To say that Waco and Baylor have grown is an understatement.

I spent a lot of time driving around the campus trying to find some landmarks to help me. I did discover most of my old haunts but it was not easy. The huge, new football stadium dominated the campus. The main interstate highway had been totally redone and it added to the confusion. It was fascinating to see how Baylor has grown and developed.

One of the things that we did at Baylor was to see a couple of softball games. My granddaughter, Anna, has played on travel teams and in high school. I knew that she would enjoy seeing a major college program play softball.

Baylor has a softball team that will go to the national playoffs and the two games that we saw were great. Baylor won both games in the bottom of the last inning, one by home run. The quality of softball was superb; the last game was a no-hitter for the Baylor pitcher.

Despite the great quality of the softball, another part of the event made more of an impact on me. The first night happened to be Faith and Family Night. At various intervals during the game, they played a testimony on the screen from one of the Baylor girls. They shared how much being at a religious school meant to them and how they valued that experience. One video showed a trip to Africa that the Baylor team had made in order to do mission work. After that game, members of the team stayed behind in order to share their Christian testimony with whoever stayed. It was heartwarming and meaningful.

At the next day’s game, it was Senior Night. The seniors on the team were honored and they got the opportunity to share what Baylor had meant to them through videos. All of them spoke of the Christian atmosphere.

I know that I left those games praying that if Anna is ever lucky enough to get a softball scholarship, it will be to Baylor. I had forgotten the religious atmosphere that permeates Baylor. It was an honor to attend the school and it is an honor to steer prospective students that way. In a time when people seem to be ashamed of their faith, it was wonderful to see a college celebrate it.