Christian Brothers and Sisters


Times have gotten so bad lately that it takes courage to offer up an opinion on anything. If you wish to avoid offending anyone, you must take an inordinate amount of time laying the groundwork for your position. In this way, you will, hopefully, explain yourself so well that your opponent will of course still disagree with you but they may not physically attack you. It is with some trepidation then that I approach this subject today.

It seems to me that most reasonable Americans should accept the fact that a person should not be persecuted or attacked for their religious beliefs. After all, religious freedom is supposed to be one of the bedrocks of our democracy. Even in other countries, I think that most Americans would say that it is inherently unfair to torture and kill people because they happen to follow a religion that is different from your religion.

If we accept those principles, then we should not have a problem condemning groups such as ISIS and Boko Haram which have made the persecution and murder of people who disagree with their idea of religion an almost daily practice. It does not really matter whether they are burning a Muslim fighter pilot alive who happens to be from Jordan or whether they are beheading Christians. We should be united in our condemnation and outrage at their tactics and sub-human brutality.

But there is more to this problem. Lately these groups have been making more and more of a push to target Christians. Now we should not suddenly become outraged at their tactics because they are now targeting Christians—all people are precious in the sight of God. But neither should we somehow ignore this problem because we are afraid of somehow being politically incorrect. Brutality is brutality. No matter how you present this situation, these are our brothers and sisters and we need to be concerned when they are endangered, tortured and slaughtered.

I call upon all Christians to be in prayer for all people who are in the path of these devils and especially for our Christian brothers and sisters. Check with your churches and see if there is any way you can contribute to the well-being of these people. There are relief efforts being carried out; help support them. Write to your church leaders and ask them why they are not protesting this treatment and standing up for our brothers and sisters. We must show the love of Christ for all who are in the path of evil.